Science, Writing and Art Day

We were lucky enough to have some scientists, artists and writers come into school to inspire us and help us create some amazing pieces of art and writing.

The whole day was inspired by bacteria!  First of all we learnt about how antibiotics kill bacteria by doing several science experiments, then we wrote poems describing bacteria using lots of similes. Finally, we created prints of patterns made using cultures of bacteria.  It was an amazing day and we learnt so much!


Bridge Building

Today, inspired by bridges around the world, we have been attempting to make bridges that could cross a (very scaled down) 10cm river. These pictures show some of our first attempts. Look how much some of them could hold! How do you think we got on? Any tips for when we make one to cross an imaginary river of 30cm?image_1image_2image_3image_4image (11)image (2)image_2 (3)

John Dougherty and Morris Gleitzman visit WEJS

We have been so lucky to be visited by two fantastic authors this half term! Firstly, the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre arranged for Morris Gleitzman to spend the morning with us talking about how he crafts his stories. Then our fabulous Patron of Reading, John Dougherty came to spend the day with us, singing all our favourite songs and reading from his new Stinkbomb and Ketchup Face book! Here are some pictures of us enjoying their visits. Tell us what you thought below.